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  Hello!____-san Goodmorning!

  You are now at the world council. It ends very soon. Oh look its _____. Your allies.( name your allies ) You guys start to engage in conversation over topics about your country.

____( your name here ) Wow! You have such vast lands! Whats your main export?____ Import? ____Who do you trade with?____

Ya know if were going to be friends i have to know some more about you. How's your personality? ____ Good, i thought that i wouldn't like you.

So ____ (your name here ) what were you like when you were younger? ___( chibitalia! ) Were you owned by somebody before?____

Oh, dude i forgot to ask. Where are you totally located?____ Oh cool i see, so your close to them, eh? At your place whats the climate like?____ Awesome weather.

Man look at your outfit ( describe ) ____? So cool, they look so traditional!

Boy, with such a big world there are lots of awesome recipes and dished. Whats your country known for? ____ Cool cant wait to try it.

Man, my superior would like to meet yours. Who is he/she?____ ( make 'em up) Wow.

So not to be like thats or anything but if we were walking down the street and at first didn't see each other how would i be able to distinguish you from the rest? ____ Good to know.

One last thing? I wan't you to come over my house this week end and i would like to know. Do you have any strange hobbies, like believe in strange stuff, are a compulsive eater, stretch your a's at the end of one word all the time, or sometimes do or say things that may make me not want to invite you over ever again.?____  

Ahh! look its ______! ( who is your foe or fear )Run before he/she grinds us into dust! Your allies spit and your now alone. Do you fight back or do you run like a fox with its tail between your legs. If thats your fear or enemy then who is your enemy or fear?___

After that you leave

[hope you enjoyed this! Now go and make your fan fiction or fan art and pollute the world of deviantart, photobucket, youtube, quizilla or other places!]
hope you enjoy this and love your character
LunairOnceAgain Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, I'd love to do it, but my OCs are babies... XD Got one on the way though! I'll surely do that, then!
cherryberrypop Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010
oh congratulations do you know the gender yet
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